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En Pinlighting. nuestra misión es llevar Visual Comfort a cada espacio y entorno aprovechando el poder transformador de la luz y el diseño. Iluminación. es el principal recurso para iluminación decorativa, iluminación arquitectónica y ventiladores de techo de los diseñadores más influyentes del mundo. Nos enorgullece ofrecer una gama líder en el mercado de productos premium en todas las categorías, estilos y puntos de precio, manteniendo nuestro compromiso con un diseño hermoso y, sobre todo, con una experiencia del cliente de clase mundial.


We offer a varied range of interior lighting both in terms of style and function. The product range consists of lamps for the table, floor, wall and ceiling, as well as IP44-rated lamps for bathrooms and outdoor environments, Christmas lighting, and a selected range of light sources and other accessories.

Our mission is to be the most important and trusted retailer in the field of lighting. We are committed to providing the widest range of supplier merchandise, exquisite designs with cutting-edge technology, and professional and meticulous guidance and advice to meet our customers' various needs. lighting needs, ensuring they get the best experience when selecting, purchasing and using lighting products.


We only sell products that we like and that we therefore recommend. For individual living solutions, we also offer you special online furniture configurators with which you can easily create your desired piece of furniture in your dimensions and designs.

Should you have questions or queries our experienced service team are on hand for you, personally: Automated answers are alien to us! We can advise you on all aspects of furnishing with professional know-how, whether in German, English or French, and are always available to fulfil individual requests - just ask!


1520 Caton Center Dr Suite L-M, Baltimore, MD 21227


+1(918) 888-6601


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